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September 21, 2018

The Globe and Mail

Canadian’s behavior and attitudes toward marijuana on social media will be combed through by the federal government

Global News

10 years ago, a man was ignored to death in an ER room and it could happen again today

Here’s what to do to about acne in odd places

CBD vaginal suppositories: What they are, what there used for, and are they safe?

CBC News

Higher dementia risk linked to smoking

A cannabis allergy highlights complexity of condo living

John Hancock life insurance policies to include fitness incentives

After Indian flight loses cabin pressure, passengers bleed from ears and noses

Due to 'extreme' assisted-dying law, N.S. woman choosing to die earlier than she wants

Quebec woman says, end-of-life clause in assisted dying law causing undue suffering

Co-author of review says, Alberta's mental health system 'cracking at the seams

CTV News

Why undiagnosed seniors are getting antipsychotics questioned by B.C. seniors advocate questions

Halifax clinic to 'reduce strain' on public health-care system has critics concerned

The Star

Teen behind provincewide student sex-ed protest says, ‘we want to have our voices heard’

Lack of in-home lead testing leaves threat unknown in B.C.

Opinion: To improve our health, carbon tax is being used

B.C. provincial health working on a strategy for patients in pain

Vancouver Sun

Long-surviving and inspiring disability advocate Walt Lawrence is grateful for 50 years of support

The Telegram

$2.8 million to be spent on nine new doctor specialist positions in Nova Scotia

The Chronicle Herald

Halifax Infirmary force surgery cancellations due to bed shortages

The Winnipeg Free Press

Opinion: Talking to children about cannabis

Due to possible Listeria contamination, Belleisle Farms brand cole slaw recalled

The Hamilton Spectator

More than 5,800 youth suicides across Canada signals mental health ‘crisis’

Healthy Debate

Energy restricted diets in diabetes and end-of-life care among US medicare beneficiaries


Are more errors made by doctors experiencing burnout?

La Presse

Plus de 50 % des chirurgiens-dentistes souhaitent ne plus faire partie de la RAMQ

Faute de comprendre son mécanisme, peu de médicaments sont développés pour l’Alzheimer

UQAM : Les maladies orphelines auront un premier centre de recherche au pays 

Le Journal de Montréal

Santé Canada : Des produits contenant du DNP vendus en ligne dangereux pour la santé

Ici Radio-Canada

Solutions à l’acné : Saine alimentation et vaccin expérimental éventuellement accessible

Université de Moncton : Plus grand nombre de demandes au baccalauréat en soins infirmiers
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