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September 25, 2018

The Globe and Mail

The quality of food served at the children’s hospital improving thanks to an Ottawa chef

Report reveals, prescriptions for stimulants such as Ritalin and Adderall are on the rise in Ontario, particularly for teen boys

Global News

When you don’t have money, poor health isn’t a problem you can fix by yourself

Contact lens users see a spike in a rare infection that can cause blindness in the U.K.

With the help of an electronic device in his spine, a paralyzed man takes first steps since his injury

At Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, Midwives await decision in pay equity case

CBC News

Paralyzed patients take steps again with the help of intense rehab and electrical implants

Validity of including race in studies debated by medical researchers

Coroner’s report finds that 12 youth who died in Ontario child welfare lacked mental health support

CTV News

Call on Nova Scotia to improve access to abortion services to help make the process "less painful, less emotional, and faster"

WHO warns of 'perfect storm' causing deadly Ebola outbreak in eastern Congo

Vancouver Sun

Two Fraser Valley MRI clinics bought by provincial government

Concerns raised over MSP breast density announcement

In Vancouver, seven more dead from suspected overdoses

The Star Phoenix

New supportive housing facility welcome its first residents Oct. 1

The Chronicle Herald

Suicide in Nova Scotia is a 'hidden crisis' says, head of mental health commission

Opinion: To alleviate doctor shortage, turn to immigrant physicians

The Chronicle Herald

Health-care frustrations taken to the street by Shelburne County residents

The Winnipeg Free Press

$1.4 million for assistance program given to Saskatchewan hockey league after crash


For Canada, longer family medicine residency being considered

La Presse

L’implantation d’une électrode permet à un paraplégique de marcher

Le Devoir

Association établie entre la flore intestinale et l’eczéma

Élections au Québec : La santé à long terme ou juste le temps d’un mandat?

Le Journal de Montréal

Contamination à la salmonelle : Des huîtres de marque Cabot rappelées après des analyses

Élimination des gras trans - Infographique

Ici Radio-Canada

Rappel aux parents avant l’Halloween : Les produits de maquillage présentent des dangers

Crise des opioïdes au Manitoba : Le PM critiqué pour son comportement idéologique

Cap-Breton : La population conteste la fermeture de deux hôpitaux

Saskatoon : Nouveau centre spécialisé pour femmes enceintes infectées au VIH
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