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April 18, 2019

The Globe and Mail

Children who have excessive screen time a day are at risk of displaying ADHD symptoms

How easy access to alcohol in Ontario is affecting the health of Canadians 

Global News

The use of cannabis in ancient times 


Doctors use gene therapy to treat infants with a rare disease

How Madagascar's healthcare system caused the country’s measles outbreak 

A study on pigs’ brain cells raises questions about the definition of death

The Hospital for Sick Children shuts down Motherisk helplines for pregnant women 

Health Canada confirms the risks of using intragastric balloons for weight loss 


Coffee drinkers can feel the effects of the beverage without drinking it 

Pharmacists in Ontario will be able to prescribe medication for common ailments

Common myths about sleep and how they could affect the health

Health Canada confirms a decrease in sales of cannabis in February

Parents in Vancouver are urged to talk to their teens about the risks of marijuana

National Post

A study on conscious awareness during near-death experience 

Vancouver Sun

British Columbia physicians vote in favor for a new fee agreement

Thirty-nine people contacted measles from a traveler in the United States 

British Columbia extends mental-health support to nurses, 911 operators, and care aides

The Telegram

What worked and didn't in the Liberals’ 2019 budget

Montreal Gazette

Study finds little to no risks on textured breast implants

La Presse

Cesser de fumer grâce à des odeurs

Le Devoir

La Sarre : Le service d’obstétrique toujours vulnérable

Programme d’assistance aux enfants handicapés promis à la fin de l’été

Le Journal de Montréal

Préoccupations non fondées entourant la légalisation du cannabis

Le bacon associé au cancer colorectal

Plan d’action pour régler le problème des heures supplémentaires remis à la FIQ par la ministre

Ici Radio-Canada

Découverte de réactions différentes dans le soulagement de la douleur selon le genre

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