Dernières nouvelles sur la médecine familiale

le 17 Aout 2018

Le Journal de Montréal

Un générique sera commercialisé pour faire compétition à l’EpiPen aux É.-U.

Des produits à base de cannabis seront commercialisés par Genacol au Canada

La Presse

L’omission de vacciner les enfants a un prix considérable

The Globe and Mail

Only partial doses of medication administered to hundreds of cancer patients

Educators teaching new sex-ed curriculum to be defended by head of Ontario’s secondary-school teachers’ union

Which is more hygienic after washing hands in public, paper towel or air blower?

Global News

The reason why hundreds of customers got sick at an Ohio Chipotle is revealed by health officials

Will Montreal health care be affected by Saudi-Canadian conflict?

Children’s breakfast cereals found traces of weedkiller in it, does is cause cancer?

In a 24-hour period in a Connecticut town, over 70 people overdosed on K2

Study shows, concussions linked to increased risk of suicide

CBC News

Lawsuit against some opioid companies called for by Trump

Air quality remains ‘very high risk’ to health in Southern Alberta

Some experts say the sex-ed curricula can’t satisfy everyone and they shouldn’t try

CTV News

New study finds 1 in 5 Americans experiences phantom odours

New study suggests a link between DDT exposure and autism risk

Increased risk of death from various conditions when exposed to secondhand smoke

Activist says in rights complaint that N.S. should cover transgender breast implants

Toronto Star

Advocates and residents disagree on whether supervised injection sites bring crime and disorder

Edmonton Journal

Police say they seized $1 million in fentanyl designed to look like heroin

The Star Phoenix

Severance costs climb to $4.96 million for Saskatchewan Health Authority 

The Chronicle Herald

Amherst MD threatens to leave town over shortage

New post-surgery pain relief approached tested by Halifax doctors

Details of ehealth incentive program announced by province

New report reveals, Canadian social workers are stressed out and overworked

Winnipeg Free Press

How to practice safer sunscreen habits

Record opioid overdose calls in July logged by Calgary Fire Department

Healthy Debate

Opioid relapse prevention, primary care networks and acute healthcare utilization


Many Canadian health facilities unprepared for disasters

To reduce burnout, doctors are reducing hours and working part-time

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