Caring for lesbian and gay people.

2003 Jun.; Endorsement renewed 2009
Peterkin AD, Risdon C.

This book offers busy clinicians practical, accessible, and evidence-based information to help in the care of gay and lesbian patients. The authors begin with an overview of the history of medical relations with lesbian and gay patients, providing advice and guidelines for strengthening the doctor-patient relationship and raising the standard of care for all patients. The book then delves into a range of specific clinical issues, such as risk profiles for particular illnesses, screening for and managing sexually transmitted infections, and HIV in the primary care setting. Subsequent chapters cover such wide-ranging topics as mental health care and the effect of homophobia on relationships, same-sex parenting, the role that body image plays in health, and unique populations, such as lesbian and gay ethno-racial minorities, the transgendered, rural lesbian and gay people, and elders. Each chapter includes practical tips (advice on inclusive language, for example) and summaries, along with references, of written and online resources. 

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