Asthma action plan.

Family Physicians Airways Group of Canada.

The Family Physician Airways Group of Canada (FPAGC) has created, in partnership with the College of Family Physicians of Canada, an asthma action plan. The Canadian Asthma Consensus Guidelines Group clearly states that asthma education is key to managing asthma. Part of a good educational program is a personalized asthma action plan. A November 2000 coroner’s report in Ontario stated the following: Physicians should prepare, in consultation with their patients, a written “self-man¬agement action plan” that details appropriate use of medicine, lists potential environmental irritants, and outlines steps to be taken by patients if breathing problems arise. The FPAGC would like you to use this form in your practice. Completion of this action plan, and its distribution, will help improve the profession’s compliance with this coroner’s report. 

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