Canadian family medicine: Submission to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research re: The Multi-Stakeholder Taskforce on Clinical Research (MUST).

2005, Apr 15
Chairs of the Departments of Family Medicine of Canada, College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC).

This document was endorsed by the CFPC Executive Committee and the Section of Researchers Executive Committee April 15, 2005. It is the CPFC’s submission in response to a CIHR report on the role of primary care with clinical research in Canada. “We are responding to the recommendations of MUST (Multi-Stakeholder Taskforce on Clinical Research) which recommended the development of programs to create and appropriately fund stable career paths for clinician-researchers, and improved infrastructure for clinical research(specifically the creation of clinical health research centres). Our response focuses on the discipline of family medicine. However, our recommendations are highly relevant to all the interdisciplinary providers in the primary care health system. Our goal is to suggest actions by which the Canadian Institutes of Health Research might strategically invest in strengthening family medicine research, which underpins the knowledge base of the Canadian primary care system.” 

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