CPS Position Statement: Banning Children and Youth under the age of 18 years from commercial tanning facilities

Canadian Paediatric Society

Cutaneous malignant melanoma has increased more than threefold in the last 35 years. Because damage is cumulative, exposure to ultraviolet radiation early in life elevates a risk which is increased further as individuals use artificial sources of ultraviolet radiation. The full impact and scope of damage caused by year-round indoor tanning may take years to appreciate given the long latency period for most skin cancers. Teenagers are frequent visitors to tanning parlors, with girls being more frequent and sustained users. The tanning industry disputes the World Health Organization’s and the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s classification of their product as a Class 1 physical carcinogen. Tanning parlours have sought to establish and maintain a client-base among teenagers. Consequently, the Canadian Paediatric Society is joining other prominent health organizations in support of a ban on the use of commercial tanning facilities by Canadian children and youth under the age of 18 years.


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