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Teaching and Practicing Ethics in Family Medicine

What is the best approach for teaching ethics? Understanding that no single teaching methodology will fit well for all teachers in all settings, the Committee on Ethics developed Ethics in Family Medicine: Faculty Handbook to provide faculty with a hands-on “how-to” approach. Use this practical guide when developing or reviewing curricula for teaching ethics and professionalism, and for training new faculty members. The Handbook is designed to provide easy access to information to such topics as:

Competencies for Ethics and Professionalism in Canadian Family Medicine Residency Programs – addressing ethical questions and concerns
Ethics Primer for teachers – identifying values, ethical issues and suggested case analysis method
Sample Lesson Template – connecting simple ideas with standard sets of values

Sample Lesson Plans

Tips for Integrating Ethics in Clinic 

Mapping Ethical Values to CanMEDS-FM Roles (Appendix 2) - identifying values referenced in CanMEDS-FM

Organizations and Centres

American College of Physicians Center for Ethics & Professionalism
Canadian Bioethics Society
Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Ethics
Bioethics Research Library
Provincial Health Ethics Network (PHEN) of Alberta
World Medical Association, Ethics
World Medical Association, Medical Ethics Education

Other Resources

College of Family Physicians of Canada. Ethics Committee. Family medicine bioethics curriculum. 2005.
This resource material is intended to facilitate ethics education in family medicine training programs. It may be used by teachers or learners; in small group discussions or in formal teaching sessions; in whole or in part.

Ethics Journals
This list of journals accessible on the Web with annotations on content.

Bioethics for Clinicians
This series in CMAJ includes topics such as consent, research ethics, and resource allocation. Each topic features case studies, definitions, and ethical/legal issues.

Literature Arts & Medicine Database
An annotated multimedia list of prose, poetry, film, video, and art that was developed to be a dynamic and comprehensive resource for teaching and research in the medical humanities.

Virtual Mentor
An interactive, web-based forum for analysis and discussion of ethical and professional issues that medical students, residents and young physicians encounter during their educational training.


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