Récits en médecine familiale

Récits en médecine familiale  

Bienvenue!  Voici nos récits sur la signification du rôle des médecins de famille et de la contribution de la médecine familiale et des médecins de famille à l’histoire de la médecine, aux soins de santé et à la vie au Canada. Soutenu par AMS (Associated Medical Services) et la Fondation pour la recherche et l’éducation du CMFC.

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Exodus. Why I limited my scope of practice

Manca, Donna P; 2007. The millennium brought many changes for family physicians, including, in my case, a decision to...


Listening to the Dead is History, not Clairvoyance

Keizer, Stirling; 2008. My role model is dead. Richard Johnson, the physician who I regard as a benchmark for good professional practice snuffed it. I acknowledge your condolences, but...


    On Call

    Searwar, John E. 2008; The anesthetist was frantically and literally pouring blood into the veins of a young woman, lying on the operating table, when the surgeon in desperation shouted to his young assistant, an intern, "Press...


      Lysander. The nature of heroism.

      The medical history we seek and the past we get to know reveal the richness of our patients. There was a crescendo hum as a black...


      Plus ça change...

      Hobbs, Neil; 2009. It had been tedious waiting a whole winter’s day for a flight to Black Tickle. The question had come to Henry Tait several times, and in...


        Schizophrenia is fascinating

        Brown, Robert; 2012. We can all understand the dimensions of length, height, and width. These three dimensions…


          The prognostications of Mr. Fish

          Vitou, Constantine; 2012. Walking quickly to keep pace with him, we would ask: “Tell us Mr. Johnny Fish, what's the...


            The Convergence of Stories

            Cameron, Ian A; 2013. I had known my two lunch guests for years although they were unknown to each other. The older patient, I will call him Sam, was a jovial…


              Lost Cause

              Chirgwin, Juan Carlos Luis; 2013. Today I am going to save the world…again. This is a standing joke I make to my wife, and if there is a…


                Memories of SARS

                Cohen, Dan; 2013. My wife wanted to make my 40th birthday memorable. It was early June 2003 in Toronto. She knew I was a big…

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