Récits en médecine familiale

Récits en médecine familiale  

Bienvenue!  Voici nos récits sur la signification du rôle des médecins de famille et de la contribution de la médecine familiale et des médecins de famille à l’histoire de la médecine, aux soins de santé et à la vie au Canada. Soutenu par AMS (Associated Medical Services) et la Fondation pour la recherche et l’éducation du CMFC.

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A golden moment

Thomson, Tracy; 2012. There was a familiar smoky smell in the morning as I began shoveling my way to...


    A hard goodbye to the last first cry

    Newman, Peter R.; 2008. This year the first baby I delivered turns thirty. I delivered her in Fort Rae, Northwest Territories, where I was working with Dogrib...


      À la hauteur [traduction]

      Brown, Merrilee; 2008. Tout a commencé bien innocemment par des maux de tête. Mon petit voisin de 4 ans, David,...


      A little piece of skin

      Patey, Paul; 2007. Chop! Chop! The sharp little axe rapidly cut the frozen squid into bait size chunks. Alex looked forward to an evening of recreational...


        A Meditation on Grief

        Doraty, Megan; 2012. My patient’s room was an oasis – photographs and framed pictures on the walls, dragonflies...


          A memorable day in rural family practice in the 70's

          Cantin, P. F. Roland; 2008. It was a grey, bleak mid-October day in St Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba some 37 years ago. My two partners were both attending a continuing-medical- education seminar in Winnipeg. My mood that morning...


            A memorable Remembrance Day

            Edworthy, John; 2008. I was Scouter John, troop leader of the 1st Coquitlam Scout Troop. We were sitting in the...


              A new dawn: a rural South African experience

              Watchorn, Adam; 2008. In this country funeral service owners drive brand new Mercedes Benz cars. Elephants, giraffes and lions...


                A Patient Experience From A Physician’s Perspective - Why Narrative Is Essential In Medicine

                Dash, Megan; 2012. During my first night in the hospital I looked around the ER. I was sitting in a hospital gown with an IV running what felt like...


                  A prayer for deliverance. Life in rural family practice.

                  Bingham, J. Lee; 2004. Mrs N, who was heavy with child, arrived with four other children and a reluctant...

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