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New for 2018: Changes in the election of CFPC Directors-at-Large

We are listening to our members!

The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)’s Board of Directors has heard your request to be provided with the option to vote on more than one candidate for Director-at-Large vacancies. Effective February 2018, the CFPC Board has approved a two-year pilot for 2018 and 2019 that will allow the Governance Advisory Committee and Nominating Committee to lead the introduction of additional opportunities for members to be involved in selecting the leaders of the CFPC.

In an effort to provide more than one candidate per vacancy for members to vote on, while ensuring a strong balance of skills, the Nominating Committee will:

  • Identify the attributes/skills/experiences that are needed in new Board Directors
  • Enlist member assistance in encouraging peers who possess the identified attributes to apply
  • Review all applicants with a focus on the priority attributes, skills and experiences as identified in the Call for Interest
  • Share comparable information about candidates with CFPC members electronically and provide an opportunity for feedback; if members are dissatisfied, they will have the opportunity to request that they or another willing applicant be included on the final ballot
  • Share a list of final candidates with CFPC members and provide an opportunity for members to interact with all candidates via video conferences prior to voting electronically

The Nominating Committee takes seriously its responsibility to provide members with candidates who would make positive contributions to the governance of our organization. It will strive to provide members with options but will forward only those candidates it feels are strong and suitable. If only one such candidate is identified for a position, then only one candidate will be named.

The pilot will be assessed after two iterations of the process to ensure the Board maintains a balanced set of skills. We will seek member feedback on the outcomes of these efforts and our proposal for moving forward prior to making any amendments to the election process outlined in the College’s bylaws.

These changes build on efforts that began in 2015, when CFPC members approved restructuring the composition of the Board from 40 Directors to a smaller skills-based Board of 11 Directors. It takes work to ensure the 11 Directors collectively cover the skills and experiences necessary to govern the organization and reflect the diverse perspectives of our members. Because of the complex nature of this work, the responsibility of identifying these attributes and putting forth candidates (one per vacancy) for members to vote on has rested with the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee for the past three years. As we strive to provide more options in our election process, we ask members to keep these factors in mind as they consider applying to be a candidate or nominating a colleague.

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