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Stories in family medicine    Welcome! These are our stories about the meaning of being a family physician, and the contributions of family medicine and family physicians to the history of medicine, health care and life in Canada. Supported by AMS and the CFPC Research and Education Foundation.

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Lost Details

Chow, Holden; 2014. I am obsessed with details. Stupid details. Details that get lost. (In my opinion, unfortunately lost.) Or, to some people, details that are...


    Ruminations on a Floating Cow

    Hagens, John; 2014. `There’s was a cow in my neighbour’s yard Dr. John - a whole wide-eyed frickin’ cow! - just right up and floated there while I was...


      A Rural Return

      Wasko, Kevin; 2014. Eastend, Saskatchewan, a quaint and idyllic community nestled in a valley of rolling hills at the east end of the Cypress Hills of Southwest Saskatchewan, is...


        100 year flood...Say What!?

        Woodley, Kristine; 2014. The floods of 2013 brought about many emotions for all of those affected. As a second year family medicine resident, thrilled to be saying ‘its my...


          Dirty Laundry

          Matemisz, Laura; 2014. Uganda taught me what being a Family Doctor is about. This isn’t some cliché about how I went to “save” Africa. Please...


            Thank you, teacher

            Scholtens, Martina; 2014. An oversized pink uterus flanked by a matching set of ovaries was projected onto the wall. Eleven Burmese women gazed at it, paper plates of...


              Painting a Canvas in Rural Canada

              Humber, Nancy; 2014. Starting my rural medical career was like putting fresh paint on a canvas. I had learned many brush strokes and color theories - now to...


                The Little Things We Do

                King, Susan M; 2014. Like all doctors, there have been many magical moments during my over 3 decades in family medicine. And…there are the cards. The ones we sometimes get from our patients; I especially like...


                  The Gift (Tim Troughton)

                  Troughton, Tim St John; 2014. She trundled into the consulting room, the soulful brown eyes, the jaded coloured garments and the ambience of sadness and loss. Her little daughter was...



                    Bhayana, Bhooma; 2014. Ayesha is not her real name. It is a generic name for women from her part of the world. Hers might even be a generic story. Certainly, when I open the pages of the...

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