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A Week in Wollaston

Kapur, Ankit; 2015. My sleep was rudely awoke by a robotic voice screaking throughout the cabin of our small plane; “PULL UP, PULL UP, TERRAIN, TERRAIN”. As a medical resident, working in the north, my training had ingrained in me a reflex response to all sudden and shocking situations, and so I instinctually applied it; like a well-used mantra I repeated to myself, “Stay calm, assess the situation – whatever you don’t appear panicked”.


    Blessed to see Death

    Tatham, Barbara; 2015. As I was driving away from the long term care facility after pronouncing an elderly woman dead, to a pub to meet colleagues for celebratory drinks and our staff christmas party, I couldn’t help but be struck by the dichotomy of my day.


      Make room for the expert

      Schwarz, Fabian; 2015. The-Half-Way-House This is where we can meet. This is where we should meet. This is where it comes together. It makes sense.


        Call of the North (aka The Uninvited Guest)

        Dossa, Fahreen; 2015. I swallow the bile in my throat as the tiny 9-seater plane lurches in the air and dips low into winter cloud.



          Song, Belle; 2015. She was a difficult patient to take care of, irritable and short-tempered, occasionally physically aggressive with the nurses.


            Testing my oath: a personal reflection of injustice and forgiveness.

            Ravalia, Mohamed; 2015. The sound of the beeper silenced the large group seated around the luncheon table.


              Beating Autism: The Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs

              Tsikata, Setorme; 2015. Ali, a 35 year old male presented with a 6 week history of anxiety and insomnia. He was the first patient that evening while I covered for a senior colleague in the ER.


                Timeless Medicine: A Dose of Compassion

                Barclay, Sarah; 2015. Compassion for others is an integral part of being a physician. It bleeds into our souls making us better at remaining human and recognizing our limitations.


                  A Sin, A Crime, An Occupational Hazard

                  Joshi, Sapna; 2015. The phone call came as I was going through my routine “condoms, condoms, condoms” talk for a patient who was busy swallowing azithromycin pills for chlamydia.


                    Rate MD’s sucks the blood from a doctor’s soul

                    Abdulla, Aly; 2015. “Dr. A wants you to believe he is totally focused on you. But the truth is he is focuses on money and his own idea of process, putting the patient last. He will not refill prescriptions unless he is paid; never calls for you check up and won't let you come in annually but only every two years. I made an appointment for my son to be seen for the first time. My son forgot his health card so they made us go home and get it." 

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