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Stories in family medicine    Welcome! These are our stories about the meaning of being a family physician, and the contributions of family medicine and family physicians to the history of medicine, health care and life in Canada. Supported by AMS and the CFPC Research and Education Foundation.

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Thanks for the orange juice [translation]

L’Ecuyer, Geneviève; 2011. My biggest challenge, when I started my family medicine residency, was managing my...


Ringiti Island: A Challenge For HIV Services

Penner, Jeremy; 2012. I retumed to the mainland from Ringiti Island this afternoon. Ringiti is a small island on Lake…


    A Patient Experience From A Physician’s Perspective - Why Narrative Is Essential In Medicine

    Dash, Megan; 2012. During my first night in the hospital I looked around the ER. I was sitting in a hospital gown with an IV running what felt like...


      Things are not always what they seem

      Persson, Megan; 2012. As a family medicine graduate, I have enjoyed a diverse practice that has included ICU work, locums, both...


        9 Months in Pincher – Blew Me Away

        Withrana, Dinesh; 2012. I spent 9 months of my clerkship in Pincher Creek, Alberta, completing mandatory rotations in...


          A Beautiful Gift

          Francis, George; 2012. My favourite part about paediatric rotations is being present at deliveries. Most deliveries are a...


            Un ange dansant

            McGee, Nancy; 2012. Il y a des rencontres qui nous marquent à jamais. Notre métier est somme toute un peu étrange. J'ai appris à assumer et à accepter les...


              La bataille de la médecine familiale

              Galarneau-Girard, Justine; 2012. Il y a quelque temps, j’ai vécu une situation qui m’a grandement déçue et attristée. Une situation qui me remet en question, qui me laisse perplexe...


                The Phoenix of Altruism

                Bartucci, Michael; 2012. If you ask most medical students why they decided to pursue a career in medicine, the cliché and somewhat invariable response usually includes some...


                  Watchful Ears are Listening

                  Lyle, Patricia; 2012. As a second year medical student at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine I enjoy the community rotations incorporated into our training. This past fall I was in a...

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