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Stories in family medicine    Welcome! These are our stories about the meaning of being a family physician, and the contributions of family medicine and family physicians to the history of medicine, health care and life in Canada. Supported by AMS and the CFPC Research and Education Foundation.

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The Balancing Act

Khan, Tayyab; 2012. December 21, 2007 -- it was the date of my final Gross Anatomy exam, the same date when my wife, Yumna, was due to deliver our…


    During Residency: One step away from the medical problem, two towards the patient

    Shamon, Sandy; 2012. Perhaps he is depressed, perhaps he is ill, or maybe he has decided that the side effects of the medications are...


      Les patients parfois, c’est nous!

      Motheron, Christine; 2012. Allez savoir pourquoi il s’est porté volontaire ce jour là. Régulièrement, toute son équipe...


        Becoming a doctor

        Lobo, Rebecca; 2012. I was running my first code. It was me, the junior CCU resident, and a man whose heart had stopped beating. Though people…


          Northern Exposure

          O’Sullivan, Rory; 2012. It used to bother me, the local doctor said, and as she shuffled her feet the snow crunched underfoot.


            The Art of Medicine

            Guirguis, Mariam; 2013. I knew a person who started dying before they started living. Well, truthfully, I never met this person. But I knew…


              Don't Judge a Patient by her Chart

              Hnatiuk, Melanie; 2013. I had spent my first year in practice doing locums, and then having a…


                Room Number Ten

                Hoffart, Kaili; 2013. The day started out just like every one of my other Obstetrics call shifts as the off-service Family Medicine Resident. I met the team to round on the…


                  History and Physical

                  Genuis, Katrina; 2013. Bike helmet off, nametag on. Rush through the doors of the family practice office, through the hallway of doors to the back room. Quick…


                    No More

                    Nathwani, Shahana; 2013. She squeezed my hand and said “No more tests dear, no more”. We were rushing…

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