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A Week in Wollaston

Kapur, Ankit; 2015. My sleep was rudely awoke by a robotic voice screaking throughout the cabin of our small plane; “PULL UP, PULL UP, TERRAIN, TERRAIN”. As a medical resident, working in the north, my training had ingrained in me a reflex response to all sudden and shocking situations, and so I instinctually applied it; like a well-used mantra I repeated to myself, “Stay calm, assess the situation – whatever you don’t appear panicked”.


    The Path to an End

    Ricella, David; 2015. As I cautiously wandered into the dimly lit hospital room, I could feel my pulse gently rising, my heart accelerating to the swift pace of a Monteverdi scherzo.


      Putting Laughter in our Medical Tool Bag

      Barclay, Sarah; 2015. She had me at the joke about her dog. My 88 year old newly widowed patient with the lilting Irish accent, smiled at me broadly, obviously relishing a chance to talk about something other than her grief.


        A Sin, A Crime, An Occupational Hazard

        Joshi, Sapna; 2015. The phone call came as I was going through my routine “condoms, condoms, condoms” talk for a patient who was busy swallowing azithromycin pills for chlamydia.


          Unité d’enseignement

          Phane, Viviane; 2015. Femme 36 ans, admise pour tuberculose pulmonaire Dossier révisé...


            Going to Sleep

            Lepp, Amanda; 2015. I was apprehensive about my first home visit with the palliative care nurse for the region where I was doing my clerkship family medicine rotation.  


              Something Healing This Way Comes: The Power of Being Heard and Held

              Montgomery, Carla; 2015. CANCER. It strikes such fear and has a wily way of unearthing the past.


              There exists, in truth, three simple words that strikes dread into the hearts of every physicians... Do. You. Remember.

              Yan, James; 2015. This phrase was introduced to me in the middle of 1st year. I was killing time in my medical student lounge when a link popped up on my Newsfeed to this TED talk by Dr. Brian Goldman, an Emergency Medicine doc from Toronto who hosts the radio/podcast show White Coat Black Art as well as author of the book The Night Shift.


                Dangerous Judgement

                Doko, Magbule; 2015. I printed my list and started rounds. I noticed that my 28 year old female patient with alcoholic cirrhosis had been transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) last night.


                  How to Learn Completely

                  Coll, Neasa; 2014. I’m wearing my regular off-duty uniform of scuffed leather ankle boots, jeans that haven’t seen the inside of a washing machine in weeks, a fluorescent orange hoodie that...

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