Request an Endorsement

We receive frequent requests to endorse documents, products, or other materials. To forward a request for endorsement just follow this simple process:

1. Send a letter of intent to the Director of Health Policy and Government Relations and provide this information:

  • Describe the product or material you want endorsed, including your reason(s) for seeking our support.
  • Provide information on how the product or material was developed, its intended audience, its proposed dissemination and the benefits expected.
  • Include a copy of the product or material.
    E-mail your request to [email protected] or mail and address your package to:
    Director of Health Policy and Government Relations
    The College of Family Physicians of Canada,
    2630 Skymark Avenue
    Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5A4

2. Due to limited resources, there are a finite number of endorsements we can process simultaneously. If currently active endorsement requests are already at a maximum, each request will be placed in a queue and will be processed on a first come, first serve basis; provided all the necessary documents have been received. The requestor will be notified as to when they can expect their request to be processed (from pending to live status).

3. Review Process.

  • Our endorsement process takes six to 10 weeks from the date the request is in live status. A notification will be sent by e-mail to inform you of when your request is moved from pending status to live status.
  • Three CFPC members with expertise in the subject matter will be involved in the review of the material/product. Our Board of Directors makes the final decision based on the reviewers’ recommendations.

4. We will inform you of our final decision.

  • When granted, the endorsement is strictly limited to the material/product submitted at the time of endorsement. It does not extend to other similar materials/products or to updated versions of the same materials/products.
  • Endorsement term is for 6 years. Renewal of an endorsement can be requested by following the same endorsement protocol.

5. The decision made by our Board of Directors is final.

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