Section of Teachers

The Section of Teachers (SOT) was founded in 1978 to advance the academic discipline of Family Medicine, guided by the educational objectives of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), and has grown to over 3,000 members who identify themselves as Family Medicine teachers. The SOT priorities, goals, and activities are governed by the Section of Teachers Council, which strikes several important committees, task forces, and working groups to meet the education needs of the Family Medicine community across the education continuum. 

Section of Teachers Council

Chair Section of Teachers 

Dr James Goertzen 

Past Chair

Dr Ian Scott 


Dr Kathleen Horrey, Undergraduate Education Committee
Dr Amy Tan, Alternate Undergraduate Education Committee
Dr Roop Conyers, Postgraduate Education Committee
Dr Sudha Koppula, Faculty Development Education Committee   
Dr Katherine Stringer, Family Medicine Department Chairs
Dr Todd Hill, Health Professional Educator
Dr Steve Hawrylyshyn, First Five Years in Family Practice
Dr Hiromi Tissera, Section of Residents  
Ms. Leah Sinai, Section of Medical Students
Dr. Carrie Bernard, CPFM representative

CFPC Staff

Director, Education
Manager, Education

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