Section of Teachers (SOT)

The Section of Teachers (SOT) was founded in 1978 to advance the academic discipline of Family Medicine, guided by the educational objectives of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), and has grown to over 3,000 members who identify themselves as Family Medicine teachers. The SOT priorities, goals, and activities are governed by the Section of Teachers Council, which strikes several important committees, task forces, and working groups to meet the education needs of the Family Medicine community across the education continuum.

Section of Residents (SoR)

The Section of Residents was established in 1989 to act as a liaison between the CFPC and family medicine residents throughout Canada. The Section of Residents is comprised of family medicine residents from across Canada with two of these elected by their peers at each of the family medicine residency programs in Canada to form the Section of Residents Council. The Residents’ Page appears as a regular feature in Canadian Family Physician (CFP).

Section of Medical Students (SOMS)

The CFPC’s Section of Medical Students (SOMS) links the College with medical students in each university across Canada. Representatives on the SOMS Council come from Family Medicine Interest Groups (FMIGs) at each medical school. The Section’s two Co-Chairs also sit on the Board of Directors of the College, where they represent the views and interests of students in the development of College policies and positions.

Section of Researchers (SOR)

The Section of Researchers, founded in 1995, promotes and supports family medicine research and researchers, and has a focus on increasing the capacity of family medicine researchers. The Section has an executive committee comprised of regional representatives. Membership in the section is open to any member of the CFPC involved in or having an interest in family medicine research.

Section of Communities of Practice in Family Medicine (CPFM)

The College is pleased to introduce an opportunity for members to become linked to colleagues with similar practice interests. Our Section of Communities of Practice in Family Medicine (CPFM) (formerly the Section of Family Physicians with Special Interests or Focused Practices) is comprised of a number of programs, each of which will address a particular area of special interest of our members.

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