Section of Researchers

The Section of Researchers (SOR) is made up of two classes of membership:

  • Physicians who are members of the CFPC 
  • Associate members, including allied health professionals or other non-physician individuals who work in collaboration with family physicians or academic departments of family medicine, or members of the public who are serving or have served as a Director of the National Board of the CFPC

If you are a member of the CFPC you can join the Section of Researchers at no additional cost. If you are not a CFPC member, click on the link to learn how to become a member.

The Section of Researchers’ Council

The SOR’s Council is a body of appointed SOR members who jointly oversee the business of the SOR. The Council activities include advocating for and supporting family medicine research in Canada, developing and implementing the SOR’s Blueprint for Family Medicine Research Success, and monitoring the progress of the SOR’s activities. The SOR Chair reports on the activities of the Council to the members of the SOR and the College’s Board of Directors.

Members of the Section of Researchers’ Council are:


Dr. Martin Fortin


Dr. Wendy Norman
Dr. Kris Aubrey-Bassler
Dr. Bill Hogg
Dr. Dee Mangin
Dr. Doug Archibald
Dr. Lee Green
Dr. Matthew Menear
Dr. Brian Hutchison
Dr. Michelle Greiver
Dr. Kerry Reed
Ms. Katya Loban
Dr. Lynn Farrales

CFPC Staff  

Dr. José Pereira, Director, Research
Deirdre Snelgrove, Manager, Research Department
Alexandra Salekeen, Research Special Projects Manager
Tinu Ojikutu, Section of Researchers Coordinator
Elena Dias, Administrative Assistant

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