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Stories in family medicine    Welcome! These are our stories about the meaning of being a family physician, and the contributions of family medicine and family physicians to the history of medicine, health care and life in Canada. Supported by AMS and the CFPC Research and Education Foundation.

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Poème pour Mélanie

Marchand, Marie-Helene; 2010.  Mélanie, chambre 1011, unité des soins palliatifs devant cette tumeur agressive qui transperce ta peau.  Qui aurait, à 30 ans, tant de cellules foutues… La lumière de la chambre, Les murs...


    Marie, ma petite Marie

    Moreau, Anne; 2010. Il y a 25 ans, alors qu’à 27 ans je revenais au travail après mon premier accouchement, j’ai eu le privilege d’assurer le suivi à domicile de Marie, jeune femme de 19 ans en phase...


      Cigarette Packages in Front Pockets

      Neilson, Shane; 2010. It comes in the front shirt pocket, my sworn enemy. My enemy comes in a cardboard box, straining against the pocket seams. I see my enemy after the greeting, after I have sat down and finished...



        Neimanis, Ieva; 2010. The difficult hours came, hope faded. He would not recover. His life was ending. I took his hand and spoke of walking together again, as we had three years ago, in the countryside of his...


          My First Death: Part 2

          Noble-Wohlgemut, Matthew; 2010. I check his pupils, as before. Blown: fixed and dilated. I glance at the clock. Spread before me, the paramedics and nurses do chest compressions, fiddle with IVs, wait. “Hold compressions”, I say. I check for...



            Oliver, Doug; 2010. This is a story about Mia. A beautiful, perfectly healthy 16 month old girl who suffered a stroke. This is also a story about Mia’s parents. They had 4 children and Mia was...



              Paquin, Stéphanie; 2010. Quito, Équateur. La vieille radio noire grinche lorsqu’on tourne la roulette. La bachata langoureuse résonne comme dans une boite de conserve.


                My daughter, the doctor

                Pereles, Lauretta; 2010. “You took your time calling back.”My sister Tammy answers. “I called as soon as I could.” “They’re taking Mom to the operating room right now. Tracy and Gord are...


                  De l’autre côté du rideau…

                  Malherbe, Stéphanie; 2010. On dit que la médecine est un art plus qu’une science. Cela doit faire de nous les médecins, des artistes du mieux être la vie de nos patients, beau temps, mauvais temps.


                    Hearing Hope

                    Guiang, Charlie; 2010.  She was a nursing student, in her early twenties, when she started as my patient. Diagnosed HIV+ when she arrived to Canada a few years ago. Family in Africa and surviving in...

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