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Stories in family medicine    Welcome! These are our stories about the meaning of being a family physician, and the contributions of family medicine and family physicians to the history of medicine, health care and life in Canada. Supported by AMS and the CFPC Research and Education Foundation.

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Make room for the expert

Schwarz, Fabian; 2015. The-Half-Way-House This is where we can meet. This is where we should meet. This is where it comes together. It makes sense.


    Testing my oath: a personal reflection of injustice and forgiveness.

    Ravalia, Mohamed; 2015. The sound of the beeper silenced the large group seated around the luncheon table.


      Putting Laughter in our Medical Tool Bag

      Barclay, Sarah; 2015. She had me at the joke about her dog. My 88 year old newly widowed patient with the lilting Irish accent, smiled at me broadly, obviously relishing a chance to talk about something other than her grief.


        Timeless Medicine: A Dose of Compassion

        Barclay, Sarah; 2015. Compassion for others is an integral part of being a physician. It bleeds into our souls making us better at remaining human and recognizing our limitations.


          A Sin, A Crime, An Occupational Hazard

          Joshi, Sapna; 2015. The phone call came as I was going through my routine “condoms, condoms, condoms” talk for a patient who was busy swallowing azithromycin pills for chlamydia.


            Saturday Night at St. Mary’s

            Joshi, Sapna; 2015. You know the drill. When you are fresh out of training as a family doctor, and your teachers offer you a job in ER, you take the shifts that no one else wants and are grateful for the privilege. In 1976, permanent Saturday nights were all mine at St. Mary’s in Montreal.


              Unité d’enseignement

              Phane, Viviane; 2015. Femme 36 ans, admise pour tuberculose pulmonaire Dossier révisé...


                Divine Diagnosis

                Joynes, Angela; 2015. There is a place in the exam room for logic, knowledge, best practices and clinical guidelines. Then there are the other moments that remain unexplained; the magical, divine, or serendipitous. There are times when medicine follows a hunch, a gamble or intuition. I find that the unscientific moments make the most memorable encounters.


                  Rate MD’s sucks the blood from a doctor’s soul

                  Abdulla, Aly; 2015. “Dr. A wants you to believe he is totally focused on you. But the truth is he is focuses on money and his own idea of process, putting the patient last. He will not refill prescriptions unless he is paid; never calls for you check up and won't let you come in annually but only every two years. I made an appointment for my son to be seen for the first time. My son forgot his health card so they made us go home and get it." 


                    We Made a Deal

                    Buchan, Susan; 2015. We made a deal. She would call me every other week from Fort McMurray. That was the agreement I finessed, the only viable option she would have for connection with someone in this world.

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