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The Blue Room

Suchak, Nayana; 2015. Years ago one of my colleagues decided to paint an exam room in our clinic a vivid azure blue.


    Hey, Stevie, do you have any good ones?(2)

    Fallis, Geordie; 2015. In high school, my sister-in-law, Nancy, went out with a tall handsome man named Steve. He studied Phys Ed at Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ontario.


      The Yellow Canary

      Rappaport, Maureen; 2015. One of the things we cherish most in the practice of family medicine is the doctor-patient relationship but unlike the other things we do, this is something hard to measure.


        We Made a Deal

        Buchan, Susan; 2015. We made a deal. She would call me every other week from Fort McMurray. That was the agreement I finessed, the only viable option she would have for connection with someone in this world.


          A Boy, a bike and Bubble

          Kljajic, George; 2015. A few years ago, I worked as a general practitioner in the suburban areas 1700km north of Vancouver, in a small Aboriginal Community called New Aiyansh.


            To Trespass Invited

            Higgins, Gina; 2015. Layer on layer, silk over steel. Wary, but in the way of watchful caution rather than frightened shrinking.


              Dangerous Judgement

              Doko, Magbule; 2015. I printed my list and started rounds. I noticed that my 28 year old female patient with alcoholic cirrhosis had been transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) last night.


                Christmas Gifts

                Pereles, Lauretta; 2015. With the advent of December, a doctor usually can expect a flurry of Christmas cards and small gifts. I always feel awkward about these gifts.


                  Laisse passer le docteur

                  Charbonneau (Perry), Katerine; 2014. Me voilà, finissante en médecine familiale, soulagée de mettre la résidence derrière moi et un peu appréhensive envers ce qui m’attend comme nouveau...



                    false 2014-11-12 , 9 :00 ICD 573   I shut the office door.                                     There is a 18.2 x 14.7 x 12.5 cm solid mass I pulled the shades                                          occupying almost the entire right lobe of I stood naked in the mirror

                    Nov. 12, 2014
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