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MED 541

Halladay, Andrew; 2015. There is something to be said about the need to establish professional boundaries. As physicians we need to be grounded, objective and as much as possible, not let our personal concerns colour our judgement.


    Divine Diagnosis

    Joynes, Angela; 2015. There is a place in the exam room for logic, knowledge, best practices and clinical guidelines. Then there are the other moments that remain unexplained; the magical, divine, or serendipitous. There are times when medicine follows a hunch, a gamble or intuition. I find that the unscientific moments make the most memorable encounters.


      Something Healing This Way Comes: The Power of Being Heard and Held

      Montgomery, Carla; 2015. CANCER. It strikes such fear and has a wily way of unearthing the past.


      The Dance_

      Ladouceur, Jessica; 2015. Mrs. J is a middle aged woman. She has been feeling down for some time and is ready to do something about it.


        Matchmaker Matchmaker make me a match, from Fiddler on the Roof

        Goldstein, Lisa; 2015. She enters the treatment room smiling. He enters the treatment room peacefully. She is 93, cradling a walker, holding onto a daughter, shining eyes.  


          Chance Encounter

          Brousson, Michelle; 2015. To a casual observer amongst the buzz of clustered patients, streaming healthcare workers and one oblivious painter it was an unremarkable encounter in a public place.


            The Blue Room

            Suchak, Nayana; 2015. Years ago one of my colleagues decided to paint an exam room in our clinic a vivid azure blue.


              The Yellow Canary

              Rappaport, Maureen; 2015. One of the things we cherish most in the practice of family medicine is the doctor-patient relationship but unlike the other things we do, this is something hard to measure.


                Hey, Stevie, do you have any good ones?(2)

                Fallis, Geordie; 2015. In high school, my sister-in-law, Nancy, went out with a tall handsome man named Steve. He studied Phys Ed at Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ontario.


                  We Made a Deal

                  Buchan, Susan; 2015. We made a deal. She would call me every other week from Fort McMurray. That was the agreement I finessed, the only viable option she would have for connection with someone in this world.

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