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Stories in family medicine    Welcome! These are our stories about the meaning of being a family physician, and the contributions of family medicine and family physicians to the history of medicine, health care and life in Canada. Supported by AMS and the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine.

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Delivery in Canmore

Yu, Yan; 2013. It was a beautiful autumn afternoon on the way to Canmore. On either side of the Trans-Canada, trees were…


    Don't Judge a Patient by her Chart

    Hnatiuk, Melanie; 2013. I had spent my first year in practice doing locums, and then having a…


      Don’t Give Up on Your Dream

      Dodds, Mark; 2010. Did you know…? Each year there are approximately 11, 000 applications to medical schools in Canada. Only 1 in 5 applicants will be accepted. Where...


        During Residency: One step away from the medical problem, two towards the patient

        Shamon, Sandy; 2012. Perhaps he is depressed, perhaps he is ill, or maybe he has decided that the side effects of the medications are...


          Elton John et le roi lion avaient bien raison

          Landry, Simon-Pierre; 2009.  Le dimanche est ennuyeux parce qu’il est dimanche pour tout le monde. Georges Perros, Extrait de En vue d’un éloge de la paresse.


            Failure to cope

            Rastogi, Anjali; 2014. I arrived in Sioux Lookout the night before a 30cm snow storm. While I grumbled through the grey snow in Toronto's urban sprawl, the snow here was kind...


              Family Medicine in 2020. A mysterious message received by my iPhone, dated July 7 2020

              Leung, Lawrence; 2010. You don’t know me. We need help. Let me explain. I am a Family Physician in Levobridge, Ontario. I have practised since 1990 and I take care of 25,000 in this township. Complying with the World...


                First Lesson

                Aoki, Katherine; 2014. Two weeks into my clerkship rotation in family medicine, I found myself preparing to start a stretch on hospital service. I was ready for a...


                  From malaria to MI. A professional journey into the Canadian medical system.

                  Seid, Cherinet; 2007. The painting of the peasant woman caught my eye. There was something about her that...


                  Going to Sleep

                  Lepp, Amanda; 2015. I was apprehensive about my first home visit with the palliative care nurse for the region where I was doing my clerkship family medicine rotation.  

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