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Stories in family medicine    Welcome! These are our stories about the meaning of being a family physician, and the contributions of family medicine and family physicians to the history of medicine, health care and life in Canada. Supported by AMS and the CFPC Research and Education Foundation.

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Only Life

Chang, Ruoh-Yeng; 2014. She was 20 years old with a new palliative diagnosis of cancer. The wedding was called off because she didn't want him to be a...



Pelletier, Jacques; 2014. Me voilà sur le tarmac. N’Djamena, Tchad, février 2008. L’Airbus m’y a déposé avec quelques membres de la Croix-Rouge française avec qui je partagerai ma première...


Lessons in Teaching

Aulakh, Amandev; 2014. The Contact Precautions sign halted us with bold lettering as we approached the patient’s room. Almost automatically, our hands...



Lemos, Vivienne; 2013. Her tiny fingers circled my index finger, surprisingly firm in their grip. I watched the...


Thanks, Dad [translation]

Hudon, Catherine; 2013. "When I grow up, I’m going to be a doctor just like my dad!” That was the...


Little Things Matter

Kmet, Alexander; 2013. “Is there anything else you need tonight?” I asked her from the doorway to her emergency room. The dark inside her room was…



Caldwell, Paul; 2012. 2:30 am phone call; pregnant, only 28 weeks, cervix fully dilated. “Come quickly!” I jolt out of...


43 Minutes

Ching, Jody; 2012. While on general hospital call one evening, I was asked to lay eyes on an elderly lady who was in particularly bad shape. She had just…


Wisteria [translation]

Laplante, Patrice; 2012. I had been told; I had read as much and I didn't quite believe it. Yet the wisteria ended up gaining the upper hand and irreversibly...


Thanks for the orange juice [translation]

L’Ecuyer, Geneviève; 2011. My biggest challenge, when I started my family medicine residency, was managing my...

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