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Stories in family medicine    Welcome! These are our stories about the meaning of being a family physician, and the contributions of family medicine and family physicians to the history of medicine, health care and life in Canada. Supported by AMS and the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine.

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About Not Being Fine

Wood, Lorraine; 2008. It wasn't even 6:30 am when the answering service called. "Dr. W, I have a Dr. J on the phone for you". It was a call I partly expected, but not...



    Neimanis, Ieva; 2010. The difficult hours came, hope faded. He would not recover. His life was ending. I took his hand and spoke of walking together again, as we had three years ago, in the countryside of his...


      Acute Experience in Chronic Pain

      Owen, Martin; 2012. Pain. Pain is a word. Pain is an expericence. Pain is a symptom associated with numerous...


        Alcohol - A real life experience

        Mahadevan, Varagunan; 2013. When I looked at the rear view mirror my heartbeat just skipped. There was flashing police...


          Alma's Kitchen

          Dafoe, Joan; 2012. Alma's kitchen is a warm, comfortable place, where I feel at ease. The space is almost completely taken up by a large...



            Olsen, Nancy; 2009.  Alone. We all hate that word whether we are physicians or patients. ...



              Feldman, Perle; 2009. “Could you take on a patient for me?” Cecile Rousseau asked. Cecile is a psychiatrist who specializes in post-traumatic stress syndrome, mostly...


                An Iatrogenic Epidemic of Death

                 Mark, Patricia; 2014. He died. Why? It took a while to work that out because he never came to see me. He never walked through my door and asked for help...


                  An Indelible Impression

                  Goel, Ritika; 2008. I met Claudia within the first month of my residency at St. Michael’s Hospital. Being the new resident on my block rotation meant that every...


                    An Inside View

                    Eaton, Bill; 2012. I got a taste of bitter medicine early this January. I was home alone with a cold: I didn’t want to spread it around. While at the computer I suffered a...

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