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Stories in family medicine    Welcome! These are our stories about the meaning of being a family physician, and the contributions of family medicine and family physicians to the history of medicine, health care and life in Canada. Supported by AMS and the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine.

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                             AMS / Mimi Divinsky Award Winners

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An interesting patient

Carriere, Christopher; 2014. I was working a hospitalist shift, in southern Alberta, when I met an interesting patient I was sent to admit. He was wiry, and tall, and I imagined him a..


    An Oliver Branch

    Levenstadt, Jeremy; 2010. Early in my first year of clerkship, I assisted in the delivery of a baby named Oliver. There was nothing particularly remarkable about...


      An Unexpected Lesson

      Goytisolo, Alex; 2014. It's Thursday and I am finishing the third week of my four-week palliative care rotation. I am starting to get...


        An Unfinished Story

        Blau, Elaine; 2013. He was an aging-­‐fast, truck driver with a very old, beaten up, fightin’ kind of...


          And Then We Sang

          Atkinson, Susan; 2012. She was nearing seventy when she became my patient. One of my colleagues was retiring from...


            Another Night at the Walk-In Clinic

            Abdulla, Aly; 2013. So what brings you here today, Dr. Jibe begins in his cavalier and empathetic way as he walks into…


              Arctic Data-streams - Graphing Land and Love

               Winner, AMS–Mimi Divinsky Award for History and Narrative in Family Medicine for a Story Written in English by a family physician.


                Are we over-doctoring? Thoughts on bedside manner

                MacKean, Peter R; 2008. Twenty-four years ago, fresh out of a family medicine residency and eager to apply my trade, I entered a previously established practice in a...


                  Asclepius’ second chance

                  Risdon, Cathy; 2007. I‘m sure it’s probably nothing—but you deserve a thorough check to make sure.” The man sitting across from me...



                  Pereles, Lauretta; 2014. “Can you take a 1st year resident for some nursing home experience?’” I mentally flip through my morning: there was an admission conference, a couple of...

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