Triple C competency-based curriculum. Report of the Working Group on Postgraduate Curriculum Review – Part 2

Oandasan I, Saucier D, eds.

The Triple C Competency-based Curriculum Report – Part 2 aims to assist stakeholders in the full implementation of the Triple C Competency-based Curriculum (Triple C). It gathers expert opinions, resources and tools developed by members of various CFPC educational committees, and intends to guide the change toward the Triple C curriculum. Triple C, the renewed approach to the delivery of family medicine education in Canada, was presented in 2011 with the publication of the Triple C Competency-based Curriculum Report – Part 1. Triple C Report – Part 1 provided the direction for change. It defined the elements of a competency-based curriculum and presented recommendations for CFPC’s adoption of Triple C. Triple C Report – Part 2 focuses on advancing successful implementation strategies. Guided by the Triple C Report – Part 2, the CFPC looks forward to its ongoing collaboration with all colleagues involved in family medicine education. Collectively we can achieve our vision of graduating family physicians who are ready to begin the practice of comprehensive family medicine in any community in Canada. 


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