CFP Mainpro is a program offered by Canadian Family Physician(CFP) that allows College members to earn six to eight Mainpro-M1 credits per year by reading and reflecting upon selected articles in the journal each month.

Each issue of CFP includes two or more articles that are designated as Mainpro eligible. Look for the M1 symbol in the Table of Contents of each issue. Members can claim M1 credits by reading these articles in print or online, and completing short, online reflective exercises.

To access the program, members can log in to CFP Mainpro using their College user names and passwords, either by clicking on the “Mainpro M1 Credits” link on the CFP website, or by going directly to the CFP Mainpro website.

Credits are recorded automatically and are reported to the Mainpro program at the end of each year.

CFP Mainpro credits are not subject to the 15-credit annual limit that applies to email push activities such as InfoPoems, e-Therapeutics, and Cardio Credits. CFP Mainpro credits are counted separately.

For more information, members are invited to visit to the CFP Mainpro website.

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