Board Nominations

Based on member feedback, the Nominating Committee’s goal this year was to recommend more than one candidate per Board Director-at-Large vacancy. While we recognize the importance of providing members with choice, the Committee remains dedicated to ensuring a strong balance of skills among the candidates with the objective of establishing the strongest possible collective Board.

We circulated the priority skills, experiences, and attributes for incoming Board Directors-at-Large, held an open Call for Interest, reviewed and interviewed the applicants, and produced a list of candidates for the two available positions. 

The list of five candidates was reduced due to last minute, unforeseen circumstances. One candidate withdrew due to personal matters, and a second candidate was appointed to the Board of Directors this past July to fill an unexpected vacancy. We are confident in the qualifications and skill sets of the remaining three candidates.

We invite CFPC members to vote electronically for two of the candidates between October 24th and November 7th.

(Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.)


Dr. Carrie Bernard of Brampton, Ontario.
The Nominating Committee recommends Dr. Carrie Bernard based on her system level research, extensive teaching and knowledge of the CFPC’s core functions, her leadership and experience with diverse practice models.

 Naila Kassam

Dr. Naila Kassam of London, Ontario.
The Nominating Committee recommends Dr. Naila Kassam based on her strong leadership skills, her abilities to use multiple media platforms to promote the profession, and her commitment to enhancing wellness initiatives for family physicians.

 Alan Katz

Dr. Alan Katz of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
The Nominating Committee recommends Dr. Alan Katz based on his impressive family medicine research experience, his critical thinking skills, his considerable health policy and governance experience, and his extensive knowledge of the CFPC‘s core functions.

To learn more about the qualifications of these candidates and to view their individual videos click here


The following nominees have been recommended by the Nominating Committee to fill the President-Elect and Honorary Secretary-Treasurer positions. Members will be invited to vote electronically to ratify these nominees between October 24th and November 7th. 

Shirley Schipper 

Nominee for 2018-19 President-Elect:
Dr. Shirley Schipper of Edmonton, Alberta. A full bio is available here.


Catherine CervinNominee for 2018-19 Honorary Secretary-Treasurer:
Dr. Catherine Cervin of Sudbury, Ontario. A full bio is available here.

Members will be asked to elect two Directors-at-Large, to join the following Directors, as the
2018–19 CFPC Board of Directors:

When will voting take place?

Voting will open on October 24, 2018 and close on November 7, 2018. Successful candidates will be announced on November 15, 2018 at the Annual Meeting of Members.

Voting members will each receive a personalized email on October 24th with a secure link by which to cast your confidential vote.

Voting member classes include: Active, Affiliate Specialist, Life, Resident, Retired, Senior and Sustaining.

What if you have questions about the list of candidates?

Between now and September 19th we ask members to review the candidate information carefully. The Nominating Committee focuses on putting forward candidates who would make a valuable contribution to the Board and who meet the recruitment criteria to ensure a balance of skills, experience, perspectives and demographics among all Board directors.

If you feel the Director-at-Large candidates are not appropriate, what can you do? There is an opportunity for you to indicate that you wish to be added to the ballot or have another member willing to stand for election be added, to the final list of candidates for one of the Director-at-Large vacancies. Members who come forward are asked to email Sarah Scott, Director of Governance and Strategic Planning at [email protected], by September 19th 11:59 p.m. (ET).   Members will be asked to provide the same information that the other candidates provided: application form, resumé, reference letters from two CFPC members, a self-made candidacy video to share with members, and a written response to the following questions: what you bring to the CFPC Board of Directors, and how you think you will resonate with members from all across our country and at all different stages of practice?

With this added information (if applicable), the final list of candidates and related information will be circulated to members to review and cast their vote electronically in the weeks leading up to the Annual Meeting of Members (AMM).

If no additional names are submitted during this feedback phase, the list of candidates will remain as is. The final list of candidates will be circulated to members on October 12, 2018. You will have an opportunity to connect electronically with all the candidates at video conferences scheduled for October. Following this, you will have approximately two weeks to vote electronically.

Questions related to this process can be directed to Sarah Scott, Director of Governance and Strategic Planning at [email protected].

Will members have an opportunity to engage with the candidates?


Three video conferences have been set to allow members to interact with candidates before casting their vote. We invite all members to join us!

October 15th at 10:00 a.m. (ET)
October 18th at 12:00 p.m. (ET)
October 23rd at 7:00 p.m. (ET)

Click on the link below, enter your name, member ID, preferred email address and indicate the video conference you wish to join. Sarah Scott will contact you with the coordinates. All that is required to join the CFPC’s video conferencing platform is a computer (or phone) with a camera, a microphone and speakers, and internet access.

About the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors establishes the strategic direction of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) on behalf of members and ensures the resources of the organization are directed toward actions that advance the mission and vision of the College. All deliberations, decisions, and actions carried out by the Board are made on behalf of, and in the best interests of the CFPC and its members.

The Board of Directors is also responsible for:

  • Providing vision and stewardship
  • Selecting, supporting, and evaluating the Chief Executive Officer
  • Administering financial, legal, and risk oversight
  • Governing the organization through sound policies, structures, and procedures
  • Providing ongoing communication with members and leaders of College activities

More about the Board and the election process:

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