Best Advice guide on social determinants of health gets a Japanese edition

January 2018

The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) has granted permission to the Japan Network of Health Promoting Hospitals (JNHPH) to translate the Best Advice guide Social Determinants of Health. The document, developed in support of the Patient’s Medical Home model of care, provides a background on the social determinants of health and interventions that can be employed at clinical, community, and population levels.

The JNHPH approached the College about the document in early 2017 after Dr. Gary Bloch, a Toronto family physician and CFPC member, gave a presentation about poverty screening and interventions in Tokyo, Japan, in 2016. Dr. Bloch and his colleagues led a workshop for adapting the Poverty Tool and other interventions to the Japanese setting. The Poverty Tool was originally developed by the Centre for Effective Practice under Dr. Bloch’s clinical leadership, and then expanded in collaboration with the CFPC.

The translated Best Advice guide will be shared with health professionals in hospitals and primary care clinics throughout Japan. The CFPC is pleased that these high-quality resources can be used to support primary care internationally.

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