About CFP Mainpro+®

How Credits Are Earned

You can earn certified Self-Learning Mainpro+ credits by completing a brief reflective exercise after reading an eligible article in CFP. (Just reading the article does not earn certified credits, although this activity can be claimed for non-certified credits.) To perform a “reflective exercise” means to think about the content of the article and to consider what impact it will have on one’s practice (or continuing education).

How Credits Are Recorded and Submitted  

Mainpro+ credits are recorded when you log in to your Mainpro+ account and click "Enter a CPD activity”. A record of all your credits earned through the CFP program is maintained, including all articles for which credits have been submitted. Certified Mainpro+ credits earned through CFP are submitted to the Mainpro+ program at the CFPC automatically.

Rapid Responses

The Rapid Response feature on cfp.ca allows readers to write online responses to articles published in the journal, make comments, or ask questions of the articles’ authors and other readers. When a Rapid Response is submitted, copies automatically go to CFP editors and the article’s corresponding author of the article. Rapid Responses are normally available to be read on the site within one to two working days. Authors and other readers may respond to questions or comments.

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