Board Nominations OLD

Electronic Election – opens October 24th

Please participate in the 2018 electronic election of Board Directors

Candidates for the Director-at-Large vacancies will be announced October 12, 2018.

You will be asked to ratify the nominees for the Secretary-Treasurer and President-Elect positions, and to vote to fill two Director-at-Large vacancies.

the members of the CFPC elect the following individuals to the CFPC’s Board of Directors in November 2018:

  • Dr. Shirley Schipper of Edmonton, Alberta, as President-Elect (one-year term ending in November 2019)
  • Dr. Catherine Cervin of Sudbury, Ontario, as Honorary Secretary-Treasurer (one-year term ending in November 2019)

THAT the members of the CFPC elect two individuals from the following list of candidates to serve as Directors-at-Large (three-year term ending in November 2021). The two individuals receiving the most votes will be elected. The list of candidates will be shared by October 12, 2018, with comparable information about each and self-made videos available for review.

  • Dr. Paul Sawchuk of Winnipeg, Manitoba, will be acclaimed as President
  • Dr. Guillaume Charbonneau of Maniwaki, Quebec, will be acclaimed as Past President
  • The following Directors-at-Large will continue their terms:
    • Dr. Brady Bouchard of Battleford, Saskatchewan (term ending in 2020)
    • Dr. John Maxted of Markham, Ontario (reappointed by the Board for a second three-year term, ending November 2021)
    • Dr. Christie Newton of Port Moody, British Columbia (term ending in 2019)
    • Dr. Marie Giroux of Sherbrooke, Quebec (term ending 2019)
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