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Meenakshi NatarajanMeenakshi Natarajan, MD
Mississauga, Ontario
Nominee for Director-at-Large

Following the Nominating Committee’s thorough application and interview process, the Board of Directors would like to put forward Dr. Meenakshi Natarajan, of Mississauga, Ontario, as a nominee for the available CFPC Board position based on her:
  • Perspective as a solo comprehensive care family physician in New Brunswick for seven years (previous)
  • Working in remote locations and walk-in clinics; and hospitalist and surgical assist roles filling care gaps in Ontario (current)
  • Experience with vulnerable patients
  • Communication skills and appreciation for challenges facing members of the CFPC
  • Creative and solution-focused approach
  • Promotion of equity, diversity, and inclusion as an individual from a racialized background
Watch the video introduction

Please read Dr. Natarajan’s introduction.  

Please see Dr. Natarajan’s CV.

Conflict of interest:
Dr. Natarajan’s declaration of any potential, perceived, or real conflicts of interest, if elected as a CFPC Board Director, and the proposed mitigation strategy:

“I have no conflicts of interest to declare.”
Meenakshi Natarajan

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