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Patient’s Medical Home Steering Committee

What we do

About the Patient’s Medical Home

In 2011, the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) presented the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) as its vision for the future of family practice in Canada. The goal of this initiative is for every family practice in every community across Canada to be able to offer comprehensive, coordinated, and continuing care to their populations through a family physician working with health care teams.

About the Committee

The purpose of the PMH Steering Committee is to provide strategic direction, establish polices and evaluate the effectiveness of activities related to the PMH.

The CFPC will strive to make the PMH a reality in Canada. Learn more about the PMH:

A Vision for Canada: Family Practice, the Patient’s Medical Home


Who we are


Dr. Marc Bilodeau, Quebec

Vice Chair

Dr. Rob Wedel, Alberta


Owen Adams, Ottawa

Michelle Allard, Manitoba

Lisa Ashley, Ottawa

Dr. Sarah Cook, Northwest Territories

Dr. Michael Green, Ontario

Dr. Cathy Maclean, Saskatchewan

Dr. Jerry Maniate, Ontario

Dr. Maxine Dumas Pilon, Quebec

Dr. Christie Newton, British Columbia

Dr. Paul Sawchuk, Manitoba

Dr. Yan Yu, Alberta

The College of Family Physicians of Canada staff

Arlen Keen, Manager, Health Policy and Government Relations

Artem Safarov, Director, Health Policy and Government Relations

Ruby Vidulin, Coordinator, Patient’s Medical Home


Patient's Medical Home Steering Committee Terms of Reference

The Patient's Medical Home: a website for physicians, patients, policy makers, and health care professionals across Canada with resources that include vision papers, Best Advice Guides, news, videos and more


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