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In the August issue of Canadian Family Physician



Cover of CFP August 2020. An image of two penguins in the foreground and several others in the background.The cover image this month brings us to the Falkland Islands, where Dr. Jamie MacKinnon was five weeks into an eight-week rotation as a resident family physician when COVID-19 escalated to a global pandemic. Dr. MacKinnon’s journey from geographic to social isolation is recorded in this issue. He went to the Falklands to find isolation, to embrace its uncertainty and learn from it. Then he had to scramble to escape home to a world receding into it.

In CFP Podcast news, Dr. Sarah Fraser has interviewed Dr. Shane Neilson about disability and COVID-19 as part of our Third Rail series. Our collaboration with the Besrour Centre continues, with dispatches from doctors on the front lines of the pandemic in Ethiopia and Nepal. You can find the podcasts on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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