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In the July issue of Canadian Family Physician


CFP cover features a mural known as A Tribute to Our Health Care Workers from Dominic Laporte

This month’s cover features a mural—known as A Tribute to Our Health Care Workers—from Dominic Laporte. Laporte is an Ottawa-based artist whose work explores the limits of portraiture through a combination of traditional painting and mixed-media methods. Laporte’s work has always been inspired by his direct surroundings. Mural painting pushes this practice further by encouraging experimentation with new style combinations that best reflect the built environments and dynamic communities of each mural’s distinct location.

In this issue you’ll find a systematic review that summarizes findings for mask use by the public and health care workers, along with articles that address caring for children and older adults, and more!

The podcast series with the Besrour Centre continues: In episode 7, Dr. Christine Gibson interviews Dr. Vincent Cubaka about the family medicine response to COVID-19 in Rwanda.

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