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Clinical Live-Stream Webinar: Demystifying breast cancer


Why do some of patients with breast cancer receive radiation therapy and others don’t? Why do some breast cancer patients get trastuzumab or tamoxifen instead of aromatase inhibitors? What could you do to care for patients appropriately after breast cancer treatment? From screening recommendations, to diagnosis, to treatment and survivorship care, this talk aims to demystify the complex topic of breast cancer and will allow family physicians to better support their patients throughout their breast cancer journeys.

The webinar will be presented by Dr. Anna Wilkinson, who works as a GP oncologist and as a family physician. She is Program Director for the PGY3 Family Practice Oncology program through the University of Ottawa and is Chair of the Cancer Care Member Interest Group at the CFPC.

Go to the Clinical Live-Stream Webinars page, after September 22nd, for log-in details.

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