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Today's Family Medicine News Highlights


COVID-19 update for October 22nd 
McMaster University researchers studying plague outbreaks between the 14th century and 17th century says it relates to current pandemic 
Quebec premier, health minister and public health director to provide an update on the COVID-19 situation in Quebec today 
Psychologists worry about mental health during the first winter of the pandemic 
Globe and Mail 
Canadian researchers join collaborative clinical trial to examine if Interferon is an effective early treatment for COVID-19 
Global News 
Toronto issues urgent warning as COVID-19 cases increase 
Procurement Minister says first shipment of 100,000 rapid tests for COVID-19 has arrived in Canada 
Health experts say to get good sleep before getting flu shot to increase its effectiveness 
Health Canada expands recall of Cottonelle Flushable Wipes sold in Canadian stores due to a potential bacterial contamination 
Researchers from the Netherlands Cancer Institute discover a new organ in the throat that may help reduce the side effects of some cancer treatments 
Edmonton Journal 
Alberta expert in infectious disease says the harm caused by lockdowns is much worse than the disease of COVID-19 
Vancouver Sun 
Numerous physicians from British Columbia write a letter supporting a move to make masks mandatory in all indoor civic facilities 
La Presse 
100 000 tests de dépistage rapide ont été livrés au gouvernement fédéral 
Le Devoir 
Montréal : Les problèmes de santé mentale des 18 à 24 ans sont à la hausse 
Vaccin antigrippal : Les plages de rendez-vous sont presque complètes dans certaines régions 
Ici Radio-Canada 
Possibilité de vaccins contre le coronavirus bientôt?  Opinion d’un spécialiste 
Les essais cliniques sur les vaccins répondent-ils à nos questions? 


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