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The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) aims to ensure its work efforts reflect the values and priorities of its members. When members respond to an ePanel survey, they help the CFPC better understand members' perspectives and help guide the College's decisions and planning.

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What an ePanel entails

CFPC members can help influence the College's standards for training, certification, lifelong education, and high-quality health care by providing survey feedback.

When members sign up to receive the ePanel, the College guarantees:

  • No more than six ePanel polls per year
  • No more than 10 questions per poll
  • To listen to members' opinions
  • To share ePanel results and analysis

Past ePanel Surveys and Results



  • ePanel 2018: Certificates of Added Competence (CACs)

    While maintaining our pride as family physicians and the generalists that we are trained to be, we acknowledge that the delivery of family medicine services is evolving. Certificates of Added Competence (CACs) provide a means of recognizing family physicians who have achieved a defined level of competence in certain domains of care, and a commitment to maintenance. In this ePanel, we asked participants their thoughts on CACs from the perspective of both CAC holders and non-CAC holders. Questions range from collaboration between CAC holders and non-CAC holders, opinions on CACs, and the direction the College should take on CACs.

    CAC holders:



    Non-CAC holders:







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