Family Medicine Specialty Committee

The Family Medicine Specialty Committee (FMSC) advises the CFPC Board on all matters related to Academic Family Medicine. Its purpose is to define the educational and scholarly components of the specialty and set policies and standards to enhance the effectiveness of academic family medicine in the discipline of family medicine while ensuring links between education, scholarship, and practice.  


Dr. Jennifer Hall


Dr. Keith Wycliffe-Jones, Residency Accreditation Committee
Dr. James Goertzen, Section of Teachers Council
Dr. Kathy Lawrence, Postgraduate Education Committee
Dr. Dominique Pilon, Board of Examiners
Dr. Viv Ramsden, Section of Researchers Council
Dr. Armand Aalamian, Postgraduate Dean
Dr. José François, Family Medicine Chair
Dr. John Chmelicek, Postgraduate Program Director
Dr. Daniel Grushka, Enhanced Skills Program Director
Dr. David Gass, Advisory Committee on Family Practice
Dr. Sabrina Dzafovic, Section of Residents Council
Dr. Dave Thomas, Clinical Teacher
Vacant, Clinical Teacher
Sandra Banner, Member of the public
Vacant, Health Workforce Planner
Dr. Anne-Marie MacLellan, Collège des médecins du Québec


Dr. Ken Harris, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
Dr. Galt Wilson, Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada

CFPC Staff

Executive Director, Academic Family Medicine
Manager, Academic Family Medicine

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