The Practice Improvement Initiative (Pii)

Our approach to quality improvement



The Practice Improvement Initiative (Pii; sounds like “pie”) is a College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) effort to enhance frontline care using quality improvement (QI) methods, data, and research, and to nurture a culture of curiosity in family medicine in Canada.

We’re working with partners such as CFPC members, CFPC Chapters, departments of family medicine, provincial health quality councils, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, the Royal College of General Practitioners (UK), and patients and their families.

Pii harnesses QI methods and practice-level data and research to improve primary care. It is a multi-pronged, multi-year strategy that will support family medicine residency programs, family medicine residents and teachers, family physicians, and primary care teams.

Pii’s three target groups and the associated activities for each include:


Family medicine residency programs

  • Develop a guide for residency programs that provides:
    • Competencies for QI, data, research, and associated learning objectives
    • Guidance on curriculum development and learning methods
    • Guidance on how to assess these competencies
  • Provide resources to support curriculum development in these areas
  • Create a QI and measurement guide for residents


Family medicine teachers

  • Provide support for leading and teaching QI
  • Develop a guide to help teachers/supervisors to:
    • Undertake QI
    • Support and supervise residents on QI, and being data and research ready
  • Promote scholarly activity in this area


Practices and primary care teams

  • Spread existing tools and resources
  • Create a QI workshop (classroom and online) with Mainpro+® credits for jurisdictions that don’t have access to such courses
  • Develop a guide on implementing practice facilitation programs
  • Advocate for provincial support for practice facilitation programs
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