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Today's Family Medicine News Highlights


COVID-19 update for November 30th 
Two parliamentary reporters discuss everything they know about Canada's vaccine rollout plan 
Senators contemplate how to preserve charter rights in assisted-dying bill 
Toronto Star 
COVID-19 rapid tests have been delivered across Canada, some provinces have yet to make use of them 
Emergency operations chief has set February 1st as the working target for launch of the immunization program 
Globe and Mail 
Moderna Inc to apply for emergency authorization in United States and Europe for its COVID-19 vaccine 
Global News 
A look into how to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Ontario’s long-term care homes 
Expert says the sharp rise in COVID-19 cases in Brampton, Ontario is due to systemic factors 
Grocery chain Metro recalls several products in Ontario due to possible Salmonella contamination 
Ethicists request for clarity on COVID-19 rollout 
Winnipeg Free Press 
A look into each province and territories’ plans on COVID-19 vaccine roll out 
Edmonton Journal  
Infectious disease expert urges six feet isn’t a magical number and COVID-19 can spread even when all precautions are taken 
Study finds most children in Quebec caught COVID-19 from family during first wave 
Vancouver Sun 
Quebecers visiting COVID-19 testing centres will be able to get tested for flu and another respiratory infection using a single swab 
La Presse 
Moderna demande l’autorisation de la FDA pour son vaccin contre le coronavirus 

Le Devoir 
Canada : Exportation interdite de certains médicaments en cas de pénurie 
Dépistage du dioxyde de carbone prévu dans les écoles dès le 1er décembre 
Ici Radio-Canada 
Moderna assure que le Canada ne sera pas parmi les derniers pays à recevoir son vaccin 
Un médecin estime que la désinformation complique le travail des professionnels de la santé 
Mauvais message véhiculé sur le port du masque 


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