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Patient Education Materials on Physical ActivityPhysical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for death worldwide, and low cardiorespiratory fitness exposes a patient to a greater risk of dying than does smoking, obesity, hypertension, or high cholesterol. Current estimates show that four out of five Canadians are not meeting national physical activity guidelines. The good news is that physicians are starting to become more engaged on this issue.

Seven evidence-based patient handouts were created based on the most commonly presenting chronic conditions in family practice, employing extensive patient and provider input.

Who can benefit

These patient education materials are geared towards informing patients with existing chronic disease on how to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives.

About Dr. Jane Thornton

Dr. Jane Thornton founded My Active Ingredient to engage patients in peer-to-peer healthcare specifically related to physical activity and chronic disease, and create educational tools for physicians as well. It was an idea built on the success of an earlier initiative with Dr. Mike Evans called Make your Day Harder.

As a sedentary teenager turned eventual Olympic athlete, she has learned firsthand the benefits of physical activity and has spent the last several years in research and advocacy on physical activity in chronic disease management. After earning her PhD in sport and exercise medicine, she pursued medical training in order to put her research into action and firmly believes in the concept that movement is medicine.


Supported by a CFPC Patient Education Grant for Family Medicine Residents. This grant is a program of the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine, through the generosity of its donor, Scotiabank.

With thanks to Seven Stones Design for the design elements and Women’s College Hospital for support of patient focus groups which informed the final handouts.


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