The Red Book

This version (July 2018, V1.2) of the Red Book is updated from the previous version shared with family medicine programs dated October 2017 (Prototype 3, Version 1), and includes the addition of intellectual property language, as well as minor editorial revisions. No standards have been added to or removed. The release of the new Red Book allows for adequate lead-in time to the full implementation and application of new standards and processes scheduled for July 2019. Please be reminded that the General Standards and Red Book are “living documents” undergoing regular review and revision. Depending on where your school is at in the Accreditation survey cycle, you may be held to a different version of the standards (past or future), reflected operationally in the CanAMS. Programs will be given a minimum of one-year notice in advance of a survey visit clarifying the Red Book version/standards and related processes that will be applied.

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