Evaluation Objectives

Defining competence for the purposes of certification by the College of Family Physicians of Canada: The evaluation objectives in family medicine.

The evaluation objectives presented here will guide the College’s Board of Examiners in the choice of criteria for the testing and certification of competence in family medicine, during both in-training evaluation, and the Certification Examination in Family Medicine. They serve to ensure that the certification decisions maintain acceptable validity and reliability. To do this, the evaluation objectives have been designed to clearly describe the domain of competence, as well as the skills and behaviours to be tested within each topic and within each dimension of competence.

The topics and essential skill dimensions of competence were initially identified through surveys of family physicians in practice in different settings and communities across Canada. Further definition of the evaluation objectives was done by a series of focus groups, using various structured approaches and methods, both qualitative and quantitative. A detailed description of this process is presented here.

This document will be added to and enhanced over time, but the most current working document will always be posted and available on our website for the reference of teachers and learners. You can view the different components of the evaluation objectives by following the links provided on this page.

Part I: The evaluation objectives: What are they, where do they come from, and how can they be used?
Part II: The evaluation objectives for daily use: the operational level, for assessing competence

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