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The e-Library can serve you wherever you happen to be... by email, fax, courier or regular mail. We can provide a list of references on a topic of your choice (a literature search), or if you know of a particular article or articles that you'd like, we can send you the complete text. We answer quick reference questions, offer instruction on information-related topics, and loan books to College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) members.

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  • CFPC members receive five (5) free searches per year.
  • CFPC members receive up to twenty-five (25) free articles per year.
  • CFPC members receive book loans at no charge. Members are responsible for the cost of returning books by courier.
  • CFPC members receive instruction in literature searching and related topics at no charge.

Literature Searches

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Searches on family medicine topics are our area of special expertise, but requests on any and all topics are welcome. Canadian Library of Family Medicine (CLFM) staff use databases such as Medline and PsycInfo, the resources of Western Libraries, the CFPC book collection, the Internet, and many other resources, to produce a list of references on the topic you have requested.

The list of references may be brief or extensive, depending on the nature of your request. Some patrons require only one or two good references on a topic, while others need more comprehensive searching. It helps us to search better if you let us know the purpose of the search. Some examples:

  • I am writing a paper to be submitted to Canadian Family Physician (CFP) and would like a comprehensive list of articles on the management of non-insulin dependent diabetes in the elderly.
  • We are doing a study on continuity of care and patient satisfaction in the family practice teaching unit. Can you find any articles published on this topic?
  • Please send me a few recent review articles on diagnosis of TB in AIDS patients.
  • I have a 13-year-old, male patient with attention deficit disorder. What are the treatment options?

When sent by email, references frequently include the link to the free full text of articles.

Articles and Other Documents

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With access to an extensive medical journal collection, and our participation in a network of more than 1000 libraries in North America, we can acquire most journal articles usually within a day or two; and we can copy relevant sections from books, reports or other documents.

Book Loans

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Examination review books and other books are also available for loan. 

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