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September 24, 2018

The Globe and Mail

‘Health by stealth’ in Men’s Sheds

To speed up abortion access, women’s health advocates urge Nova Scotia to change ultrasound rule

To replace majority of dog’s cancer-ridden skull, Ontario researchers use 3-D-printing technology

Opinion: I wanted an abortion in Nova Scotia, but barriers remain

Opinion: In health care, private participation is historical and justified

Opinion: To end tuberculosis here’s the moral and economic case for action

Global News

What has happened that Canada’s obesity rate has doubled since 1970s

Amid a national opioid crisis, how a handful of pharmacists flooded Ontario’s streets with lethal fentanyl

Why governments are taking notice about dense breasts and why we need to talk about it

According to WHO, excessive alcohol consumption killed 3 million in 2016

Fall is the season to make the most of your brain

Cannabis legalization countdown

The first to get breast density information after mammograms in Canada is a B.C. woman

The truth behind the trend of a gluten-free diet

New study finds that religion can help improve children’s mental health

CBC News

Opinion: Researcher aims to raise awareness of the 'sexual rights of older adults'

Choosing life insurance tied to fitness tracking could have unintended consequences say privacy experts

Time lost to strike could hurt patients warn York nursing students

Debate on decriminalizing opioids called for by New Canadian Medical Association

Opinion: How about we develop some sex-ed for students with developmental disabilities?

Experts say, workplace inebriation a grey area for employers ahead of legal pot

In western P.E.I., technology is helping patients see the doctor

CTV News

Study reveals, children are more likely to start using pot at earlier age if mothers use drug

To heal a knee injury, doctors use lab-grown cartilage

Study reveals, withdrawal symptoms from quitting junk food is like when quitting drugs

Ebola death close busy Ugandan border reported by Congo

The Star

‘Huge advance’ for treatment of severe heart failure with this tiny device

Expert says, educators can help turn the tide against the opioid crisis

Opinion: Ontario doctors should end misguided court battle to keep billings secret

To ease waiting lists and expand mental health programs, CUPS gets $1.4-million grant

Vancouver Sun

Phase 2 of Royal Columbian project revealed and will be a design-build

The Star

Call for national standardized model to treat non-epileptic seizures

Doctors’ notes need to go says Nova Scotia physician

The Telegram

Cannabis questions answered online for Newfoundland and Labrador residents

The Chronicle Herald

Many Atlantic Canadians behind on their vaccines

The Winnipeg Free Press

New weapon against cancer?

La Presse

OMS : L'alcool plus mortel que le sida, la tuberculose et la violence regroupés

Rendez-vous avec un médecin : Bonjour-Santé devant les tribunaux pour frais illégaux

Légalisation du cannabis : Plus de 7 millions de consommateurs estimés par Statistique Canada

Le Journal de Montréal

Conseils à suivre sur le plan médical avant un voyage

Combattre la résistance à une bactérie qualifiée d’invincible

OMS : Près des trois quarts des décès attribuables aux maladies non transmissibles

Priorité en santé au Québec : Accéder à un médecin de famille


Élections au Québec : Quel parti aura la faveur des médecins?

Deux études sont-elles suffisantes pour prouver l’inutilité des probiotiques?

Ici Radio-Canada

Le CMQ adopte une réglementation moins rigide pour la marijuana à des fins médicales

Le myélome : Récit d’une patiente pour mieux connaître ce cancer

L’aptitude à la course de longue distance attribuable à un défaut génétique?

Restrictions à l’étude par l’UE sur les encres pour tatous jugées dangereuses

Pénurie de médecins : La « grande séduction » à la mode française

Jeunes au N.-B. : Un centre de désintoxication s’inquiète de la légalisation du cannabis
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