CanMEDS-FMU: Undergraduate competencies from a family medicine perspective.

2009 Nov.
CFPC. Undergraduate Education Committee.

The goal of this document is to provide a family medicine perspective on undergraduate medical education. This has been done by utilizing the CanMEDS and the CanMEDS-Family Medicine (CanMEDS-FM) frameworks in creating a specific set of undergraduate family medicine competencies for undergraduate educators to use. While the Four Principles continue to guide our thinking about medical education, the CanMEDS framework has become the “lingua franca” for medical education in Canada and around the world. By incorporating a view from family medicine using the CanMEDS framework, our goal is to clarify the special contributions that family medicine can bring to undergraduate education. Building on the CFPC’s postgraduate initiative, (CanMEDS-FM3) we have created a document that fits within the continuum of medical education (from undergraduate to postgraduate to CPD) using the CanMEDS framework, yet is a distinct entity from CanMEDS. 

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